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This page has links to a range of resources that may be of use to those interested in CTF. The links lead to suppliers of relevant equipment, consultants, research and development organisations and overseas resources of information. The inclusion of a link to a commercial company or organisation does not constitute an endorsement for the products or services offered, or imply a guarantee regarding performance. Links are provided to help growers and others involved in CTF find relevant information. There are quite likely many companies and organisations that are not included on the site, so if you supply products or services relevant to CTF, and wish to be included, contact us with the details.


CTF Solutions click here
Grassroots agronomy click here
NEWAG Consulting click here
Precision Agriculture click here

Australian CTF Information

From WA: WACTFA click here
Some WA CTF Width Options click here
GRDC CTF Factsheet click here


Mitchell Farms, Iowa, USA click here
CTF in the United Kingdom click here
CTF Europe click here
Landwise, NZ click here
CTF Alberta, Canada click here
Beyond Agronomy, Alberta, Canada click here

Other links

Bureau of Meteorology click here
GRDC click here
Kondinin Group click here