ACTFA Projects

Nitrous oxide emissions reductions from Controlled Traffic Farming
ACTFA has been awarded $1.4M from the Federal Government Carbon Farming Futures Action on the Ground funding scheme for on-farm investigation and demonstration of CTF effects on soil emissions of nitrous oxide (N2O).

CTF in the Low Rainfall Zone
ACTFA is leading a five year $2.25 million project titled Application of CTF in the Low Rainfall Zone (LRZ) funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and co-funded by participating partners. The project aims to answer many of the questions being asked by growers about the practicalities and economics of Controlled Traffic Farming in this zone of lighter soils, large farms, wide equipment and low input systems.

ACTFA strategic plan update

ACTFA conducted a strategic planning process in 2015-16 and identified a number of actions to take the organisation forwards over the next few years. These include:

  1. Board renewal
  2. Generation of on-farm and science-based evidence of the success of CTF
  3. A sponsorship program to fund the organisation
  4. Development of ‘products’ (information, training etc.) based on the science of CTF
  5. Expansion of ACTFA to an organisation wholly engaged in research, development and adoption of CTF
  6. Development of, and contribution to, policy positions related to CTF
  7. Collaboration and alliances with other farming/special interest groups
  8. Education
  9. A revamped website outlining a new Vision, Mission & Goals

Progress has been made in a number of areas. ACTFA has contributed to some major Commonwealth Government policy initiatives, and has established collaboration and alliances with a number of southern farming systems groups through joining the Victorian Grower Groups Alliance (VGGA). ACTFA has also been engaged in discussions with various groups and organisations in an effort to embed CTF as an essential part of a number of new soils and spatial information research and development initiatives.

A key area which remains unresolved is renewal of the Board. This is required to provide new energy and insights to take the organisation forwards in the coming years.